Loco Gringo's Street Taco Express is the area's newest roaming sensation. Loco Gringo's prides itself on serving an amazing product that must be devoured to be understood. Choose from Beef Brisket, Barbecued Shredded Chicken, Barbecued Pulled Pork, Spicy Chorizo (A Mexican Sausage), Vegan/Soy, and Blackened Grilled Shrimp. Book Loco Gringo's for your private event or festival today!!

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Barbocoa- A slightly sweet Smoked Brisket seasoned to perfection.br />Polo-A sweet hardwood Smoked Chicken rubbed in special BBQ seasoning.
Chorizo - Authentic Mexican Sausage with a hint of a spicy kick.
Carnitas-A slightly sweet Pulled Pork seasoned perfect to perfection.
Shrimp- Blackened Shrimp seasoned up.
Korean Beef BBQ- Finely shredded and marinated in Soy.
The Philly--A Cheesesteak Taco.
Vegetarino- Our soy based veggie “meat” seasoned up.
Vegan--Onions and Peppers straight up.
Monster Nachos (Gluten-Free)--Pick any meat and as a topping.
Ground Beef "Gringo"- Just like Mom used to make it on Taco Night.
**All Platters (3 tacos) are served with a side of chips and salsa.
1) Fries 2) Hawaiian Shaved Ice 3) Mac and Cheese 4) Rice and Beans 5) Garden Salad 6) Marinated Garbanzo Salad 7) Hawaiian Shaved Ice Hawaiian Shaved Ice--Enjoy a taste of the South Pacific with authentic Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Choose from 12 different flavors including Wild Cherry, Sour Green Apple, Key Lime and Blue Raspberry and give your tongue a sleigh ride!


"The Cheesesteak Guy" is another themed cart that will make any patrons mouth water. The Cheesesteak Guy uses Deluxe torpedo rolls and only 100% Philly brand beef and chicken steak are used, as well as butcher grade Italian Sausage for its Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches. "The Cheesesteak Guy" is the the only mobile unit in the area that serves a Vegan Cheesesteak (both chicken and beef) using all natural local product. Book the Cheesesteak Guy for your event!

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Philly Cheesesteaks -”The Big Beef”--Philadelphia Company cheesesteak meat smothered in whiz, with or without fried onions.
”The Big Bird”-Philadelphia Company chicken cheesesteak meat smothered in whiz, with or without fried onions.
The Paisan- An “old school” Sausage, Peppers and Onions Sandwich. Pork lovers only here baby.
The Vedge-A Vegetarian Soy Product specifically made for Philadelphia Cheesesteak lovers.
The Porky- A Succulent Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Sandwich.
The New Yorker- A Sabrett All Beef Hot Dog straight outta New York.
Monster Potato Chip Nachos (Gluten-Free)-Pick any meat and as a topping.
1)Fries 2)Hawaiian Shaved Ice 3)Mac and Cheese 4)Garden Salad 5) Marinated Garbanzo Salad 6)Hawaiian Shaved Ice





A slider is an American term for a small sandwich, typically around 2" across, served on a bun. The term primarily refers to small hamburgers, but can also cover any small sandwich served on a slider roll. The Slider King is everything that you just read and more!!!

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Pulled Pork-Slow Roasted and seasoned to perfection.
Cheesesteak- A Philly Area Classic.
BBQ Chicken-- Shredded BBQ’d Chicken Sweet and Delicious!!.
Beef Brisket--A slightly sweet Smoked Brisket seasoned to perfection.
BBQ Shrimp--Blackened Shrimp seasoned up with a healthy dose of BBQ Sauce.
Korean Beef BBQ-- Finely shredded and marinated in Soy.
BBQ Vegetarian (our Soy product with a touch of BBQ Sauce) and our Vegan (Sauteed and Seasoned Onions and Peppers ) optional
Monster Potato Chip Nachos (Gluten-Free)--Pick any meat and as a topping. Sides
1) Fries 2) Hawaiian Shaved Ice 3) Mac and Cheese 4) Rice and Beans 5) Marinated Garbanzo Salad 6) Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Eclectic Catering

Eclectic Catering is our newest theme, with an Asian and Mexican influenced combined menu. Clients are asked to choose 2 main dishes and 2 sides for their guests per event. Are you having a "Higher-End Affair" or looking for healthier options? Eclectic Catering will amaze your taste buds!!!

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Ground Beef Noodle Stir Fry-Veggies, Asian Noodles and Ground Beef with soy kick.

Crispy Sesame Beef- Sliced steak,sesame seeds cooked until crispy and served on a bed of rice with a fresh made Asian sauce. 3.Beef and Broccoli; Served on a bed of rice or with noodles.

Garlic Beef and Sesame Noodles- Thin sliced steak,peppers,carrots sliced thin,broccoli florets,green onions sesame seeds served over soba noodles.

Honey Chicken and Broccoli-Served in a bowl on a bed of rice, Broccoli,chicken,green onions,sesame seed served with a honey lemon glaze.

Asian Meal Bowls-Teriyaki chicken or Sliced Beef,Peppers,broccoli florets,on a bed brown rice dressed in teriyaki sauce served in a bowl.

Asian Garlic Shrimp-Shrimp with noodles,mushrooms,peppers,zucchini,carrots grated,chopped cilantro.

Vegan and Veggie

Tofu with Asian NoodlesSoba noodles, firm tofu in cubes, shredded cabbage,garlic,ginger,green onions and crushed peanuts.

Spicy Tofu Wraps Tofu,pepper,chopped mushrooms on a bed of romaine lettuce served with a spicy Asian sauce .